Pooste Shir Serial

Pooste Shir Series

Poost Shir (سریال پوست شیر) Iranian Serial produced in 1401 in Iran, directed by Jamshid Mahmoudi and written by Reza Baharond and Jamshid Mahmoudi, who in addition to directing Mahmoudi is also responsible for writing the story of his new series Pooste Shir. Jamshid Mahmoudi was born in Paran province of Afghanistan, he is 41 years old and he is one of the Afghan nationals present in Iran, who has been living in Iran since he was six years old and is considered one of the most experienced people in Iranian cinema and has made many movies in Iran. He has directed and written, and also directed two serials for the second channel of Iranian TV in 1396-1398, and so far, he has not had a history of appearing in a home television network in his resume.

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    قسمت نهم رو چرا نمیگذارید ؟!؟!؟!؟

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