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The film begins with the readings and signatures of Gholamreza Takhti’s (غلامرضا تختی) will and suicide, and then depicts his childhood in flashbacks in extreme poverty and in Khani Abad, south of Tehran. Gholamreza, who loved the ship, failed in his early stages of wrestling as a teenager and began training alone at the Solomon Mosque oilfield. He eventually gives up work in the oil fields, returns to Tehran with his family, and discovers his talent at the current Palad Abdul Hassan club known as Haji’s current wrestling coach.

Actors: Mohsen Takhti, Siavash Tahmours, Mahour Alvand, Hamidreza Azarang, Parivash Nazari, Farhad Aeish, Behnoush Tabatabai, Atila Pesiani, Sattar Pesiani, Masoumeh Ghasemipour, Shirin Yazdan Bakhsh, Alireza Goodarzi, Alireza Goodarzi, Shahrokh Farbaz, Jamshirabzadeh.

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