Momiai 3 – Mumiyayi 3 Iranian Movie

Momiyayi 3 Persian film

Momiai 3 – Mumiyayi 3 Iranian Movie


The Mumiyayi 3 full movie (فیلم مومیایی 3) is directed by Mohammad Reza Honarmand, was made in 1999. This film is a product of Iran and is in the family and comedy genres. In this film, Parviz Parastavi, Mahtab Keramati, Rambod Javan, Sirous Ebrahimzadeh, Reza Jian, Fath Ali Oveisi, Elika Abdolrazaghi have acted as artists.

Story: Captain Ghorbani is a conscientious police officer who does his job well and honestly. He, who has to hand over the police station land to the original owner as soon as possible, assures him that he intends to evacuate the police station, but unfortunately no one is willing to rent his property to the police station. Meanwhile, the victim’s captain is also caught in the case of stealing a mummy

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