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The JanDar Iranian movie (فیلم جان دار) depicts the subject of retribution and the penalty for wrongdoing and forgiveness, where the consequences of one’s mistakes fall on one family. On the wedding night of Asma (played by Baran Kowsari), his former suitor enters with the intention of disrupting the ceremony. But Jamal, Asma’s brother (played by Ali Shadman), gets into a fight with him, and during this fight, Jamal kills his sister’s former suitor. Now Jamal has committed a premeditated murder and her sister’s wedding is turning into mourning. Jamal’s retribution creates a lot of events and conflicts for his family. Farshub offers all viewers of the social drama film to view Jan Dar full movie

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  1. Saeed

    This movie was great

    10.0 rating

    This movie was great