Ide Asli movie

Ideh Asli

2020103 min

Ideh Asli (ایده اصلی) movie story line: Iran and Spain have agreed to launch a major project on the island of Hondurabi in southern Iran, with many companies and individuals eager to win the bid. Engineer Saeed Parsa, who has been separated for several years from his wife, Ria Azadi, is the head of one of the bidding companies. Others, with different goals, are trying to win the decisive bid. Achieving success for the people of this story leads to complexities in its narrative.

Actors of Ide Asli: Bahram Radan, Marila Zarei, Pejman Jamshidi, Hania Tavassoli, Mehrdad Sedigian, Shahbaz Noushir, Manus Gavaras, Andrea Machalcido, Irina Mangosova.

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