Shahrak Kelileh va Demneh - Shahrak Kelileh va Demneh Ghesmate 1


The puppet show of Shahrak Kelileh va Demneh (سریال شهرک کلیله و دمنه) produced in 1401 in Iran, directed by Marzieh Boroumand. This director and actor is now supposed to have a series to show at the age of 71. The director is more mature than ever. He is going to bring out and show his puppets again. This time, the theater and television director is going to show his puppets not on TV and cinema, but on the home theater network.
When nature is destroyed and replaced by trees, iron and cement, the poor animal has no choice but to urbanize. Khotan and Khomar, the two young deer in our story, also sell Dasht-e Naz in the hope of a better life in their homeland, and buy a small apartment in the town of Kelileh and Demneh.

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