Shab haye Mafia 2 Iranian Show - Shabhaye Mafia 2 S5 Episode 1


The game of Shabhaye Mafia 2 S5 Part 1 (سریال شب های مافیا ۲- فصل پنجم قسمت اول) is played in two consecutive nights and days, and the members of each group try to take the rival group out of the game by accusing the members of the game. At the end of each day, by voting in two stages and hearing the defendants’ defense, one person leaves the game. The withdrawn player can randomly select a status for himself or the game from among 6 cards, and also say the last word without directly referring to any role. In the night, they wake up at the behest of the Mafia leader and secretly consult for a moment about which citizen to target.