Shabake Makhfi Zanan Serial - 1 - Shabake Makhfiye Zanan Part 1


Shabake Makhfiye Zanan 1 (سریال شبکه مخفی زنان قسمت اول) is a comedy, drama and historical series starring Siamak Ansari, Leila Hatami, Mehdi Hashemi, Baran Kothari, Shabnam Moghadami, Shagaig Dehghan. Written by Mohammad Rahmanian, directed by Afshin Hashemi and produced by Mohammad Hassan Shanehsazzadeh, it is produced in 1401 in Iran. Shabake Makhfie Zanan of women tells a comedy and entertaining story in a historical context. Shabake Makhfiye Zanan is based on the year 1310, where the Ministry of Culture and Arts decided to form a women’s association to compete with similar organizations and then eliminate them.

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  1. Alireza


    10.0 rating