Shab Haye Mafia 3 series - Shab Haye Mafia 3 S5 Ghesmate 1


The game of Shab haye Mafia 3 S5 Ghesmate 1 (سریال شب های مافیا ۳- فصل پنجم قسمت اول) competition is directed by Saeed Aboutaleb. In Shab haye Mafia players are divided into two categories, the majority of citizens and the minority of Mafia. No player knows the plans of others except the owner and manager, although the Mafia knows each other on the first night. The goal of the citizens is to take over the city and rid it of the mafia, and the victory of the mafia depends on equality with the number of citizens. The game is played in two Ghesmates, consecutive nights and days, and the members of each group try to take the members of the rival group out of the game by making accusations.

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