Khosuf Iranian Serial - 1 - Khosoof Ghesmate 1


Khosoof 1 (سریال خسوف قسمت اول) is the name of one of the new serials of the home theater network, directed by Maziar Miri and produced by Homayoun Asadian, produced in Iran in 1400 that is in a social genre. The Khosoof series The story of the home drama series Khosof has been written by Mehdi Shirzad Moghaddam. Its actors include a combination of film, television and theater actors such Amin Tarakh, Shohreh Soltani, Shamsi Fazl Elahi and others who have played roles in this series. The series Khosoof is the story of a young boy named Amir who is already married to his cousin and the family is aware of this, but when Amir sees another girl, everything changes and the family They are in trouble.

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  1. Mahdi

    سلام این فیلم راچجوری دانلود کنم؟

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