Khatoon Irani Serial - 1 - Khatoon Ghesmate 1


Khatoon Part 1 (سریال خاتون قسمت اول) The Iranian serial Khatoon is the title of the serial of the Home Theater Network, directed and produced by Tina Pakravan, produced in 1400 in Iran, which is quoted in a historical atmosphere. The script of the Khatoon series has been written by Tina Pakravan. Its artists include a combination of film and television actors such as Ashkan Khatibi, Shabnam Moghaddami, Ghorban Najafi, Mazdak Mir Abedini, Mehran Ghafourian, Mehran Modiri, Negar Javaherian and others who have acted in this series. Khatoon has a historical theme and has a detailed production profession, and its story is supposed to be the narration of the events of the thirties and forties.